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Arcwave Ion

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Pleasure Air is a patented technology developed by ARCWAVE(tm). It is an innovative new type of stimulation that is based entirely on changes in air pressure to target highly sensitive nerve endings, leading to a powerful new type of orgasm.

Why is it innovative?

This type of stimulation allows you to target receptors that other technology cannot, namely the Pacinian pleasure receptors. These highly sensitive nerve endings are located in the frenulum at the tip of the penis and respond well to changes in air pressure.

"The way to orgasm was accompanied by a tickling feeling in the lower part of the glans. I have never experienced such a feeling, at least not during the usual masturbation." TESTER FEEDBACK, SKOPOS RESEARCH INSTITUTE

  • Body safe Clean Tech Silicone
  • 8 x Intensity levels
  • Smart silence
  • 100% Waterproof (IXP7 Rated)
  • USB Rechargeable