Ouch! Leather Square Tipped Metal Crop

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A sturdy, always playful classic, the Ouch! line's far reaching square-tipped crop in slick black faux leather will thrill both play partners as it smacks, strokes and swings.

Firm and pleasantly weighty, the Crop feels great in hand, and even better against the skin, the tip is flat, perfect for stinging slaps and teasing whacks alike, it'll definitely leave a mark with a good hard smack. The metal neck is rigid and unyielding, so precision handling is a given, the control factor is enhanced by a long leather strap at the base that can be looped around the wrist to keep the Crop close at hand.

  • 25.59" / 65 cm Total length
  • 6.49" / 16.5 cm Grip length