You’ve decided to introduce a new sex toy into your life – maybe even your first maybe another addition to the kit. The sex toy market is flooded with all kinds of bendy, buzzy, stiff, squishy, slappy accessories that you can use to enhance self-pleasure and couples sex.

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We’ve put together the ultimate guide to sex toys! Even if you dabbled in playtime accessories before, we guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two.

The basics: materials, size, terminology FAQ’s and all-important lubricant

Before we jump into the fun stuff, let’s start with the basics:

Material. Spoiler alert! Sex toys come into contact with some of the most sensitive areas of the body. What your toy is made of is extremely important.

Size. If it’s an insertable or penetrable toy you want, know how to select the right size for your or your partner’s body.

Lubricant. Lube is your best friend, but some types of lube don’t get along with certain sex toy materials.

Once you have the basics down, you can shop sex toys confidently. Ready? Let’s go!

Sex toy materials
The material of your toy will have a significant impact on the way it feels, smells, and tastes. It’ll also determine the type of lubricant you can use.

The materials used to make vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and other toys are typically categorised as either porous or non-porous.

Porous materials are soft and squishy but can be tricky to clean. They are best used with a condom. Although porous materials are cheaper, they can contain phthalates, a chemical that some manufacturers have phased out.

Non-porous materials, such as ABS plastic, glass, and high-grade silicone, are higher quality and significantly easier to clean.

Most common sex toy materials

The majority of sex toys on the market are made from the following materials.

ABS Plastic:
Feels: hard and glossy; can have a polyurethane coating to create a velvet touch
Smells: odourless
Tastes: tasteless
Compatible lubricants: all
Pros: non-porous, latex-free, phthalate-free, can be waterproof
Cons: does not flex with the body, can create overly intense sensations for some

Smells: odourless
Feels: smooth
Tastes: tasteless
Compatible lubricants: all
Pros: non-porous, phthalate-free, latex-free, suitable for sensitive skin, waterproof, durable, ideal for temperature play
Cons: Can be too heavy, does not flex with the body

Jelly Rubber
Feels: smooth and flexible
Smells: rubbery
Tastes: slightly chemical
Compatible lubricants: all
Pros: Inexpensive and flexes with your body
Cons: Porous, difficult to clean, may contain phthalates, unsuitable for those with a latex allergy

Feels: Smooth and rigid, weight can be heavy or light
Smells: odourless
Tastes: tasteless
Compatible lubricants: all
Pros: non-porous, waterproof, durable, phthalate-free, latex-free, can be used for temperature play
Cons: does not flex with the body, can contain nickel which some people are sensitive to, can be too heavy

Feels: hard and smooth or soft and lifelike
Smells: plastic
Tastes: plastic
Compatible lubricants: all
Pros: affordable, durable
Cons: can be porous, may contain phthalates, can deteriorate over time

Feels: silky smooth, density varies from soft to firm
Smells: odourless
Tastes: tasteless
Compatible lubricants: water-based only
Pros: non-porous, phthalate-free, latex-free, easy to clean, transmits vibrations easily, warms quickly, durable, can be waterproof, can flex with the body, medical-grade formulations are ideal for those with sensitive skin
Cons: cannot be used with silicone-based lubricant

TPR/TPE Plastic
Feels: smooth, flexible, and lifelike
Smells: similar to nail polish
Tastes: rubbery
Compatible lubricant: water-based lubricant
Pros: not as porous as other realistic-feel sex toy materials, phthalate-free, latex-free, durable
Cons: slightly porous, difficult to clean, can tear easily

Sex toy size
The size of your sex toy is another crucial factor – especially if you’ve decided on an insertable or penetrable toy. Remember, images on a website aren’t always the best way to gauge whether or not a toy is the right size for your body. Instead, take careful note of the measurements.

Here’s how the numbers work:
Length: distance from top to bottom
Insertable length: the maximum length that can enter the body or be penetrated
Width (also known as the diameter): distance from one side to the other
Insertable width: the maximum width that can enter the body or be penetrated
Girth (also known as the circumference): distance around the widest part of the toy

Yes! There is no such thing as a bad time to add a bit of lube. The right lubricant can make your experience with sex toys (and manual stimulation) more pleasurable and more comfortable. What’s not to love!?

Water-based lubricants
Water-based lubes are a pretty safe bet. They are compatible with most sex toy materials and are easy to wash off yourself and your toys. Finally, water-based lube is a great choice for vaginal sex but is not suitable for anal sex unless it is specificity designed for this.

Silicone-based lubricants
Silicone-based lubes are super long-lasting and provide an extremely smooth, slippery layer on the skin or toy. It’s a fantastic choice for anal sex and aquatic play, but keep in mind that you’ll need to wash it off with soap and water. It’s also not suitable for use with silicone toys.

Sex toys are exactly that – toys! The whole point is to have fun, whatever that means for you. Here are our top six tips for getting the most out of your new sex toy.

1. Keep your toys clean

Always clean your toys before and after use as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves washing it with warm water and mild, fragrance-free soap.

2. Use toys as intended

Be sure to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and only use the toy as intended. Pay attention to any storage guidelines, too.

3. Don’t force anything

Using a new sex toy can be a nerve-wracking experience. Take your time. Warming up manually first before introducing the toy can be helpful.

If you are using a toy on a partner, stop right away if they experience pain, discomfort, or do not wish to continue.

Never use a toy on areas that are swollen, cut, or inflamed.

4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Even if you’re a total beginner and have just one sex toy, don’t be afraid to mix and match sensations. Combining external and internal stimulation, for example, can be extremely pleasurable.

5. Remember that not all toys are waterproof

Aquatic play can be fun, but you can’t take any old toy for a swim. Toys that are not waterproof are not suitable for use in the bath or shower.

6. Perform regular maintenance

Check your sex toys for wear and tear, such as chips, rips, and other signs of deterioration. It’s best to replace your toys when these signs appear.

Vibrators are one of the most popular women’s sex toys. Why? Because they create a sensation that manual stimulation just cannot replicate. Ideal for both solo and partnered sex, vibrators come in all shapes and sizes with varying levels of intensity.

When choosing a vibrator, keep the following considerations front-of-mind.

Vibrators are versatile and can be used on many areas of the body. The first step in choosing a new vibrator is deciding on either external or internal stimulation.

Vibrators for external stimulation

Do you like precise, intense stimulation or broader, deeper stimulation?

If it’s precision you’re after, bullet vibrators are an excellent choice. With a classic cylindrical shape and small, sleek profile, bullets can target the clitoris, vulva, and nipples.

If it’s broader stimulation that you crave, massagers – also known as wands – are ideal. The large, round, vibrating head of a wand can be used to stimulate the clitoris and vulva simultaneously. These popular toys can also deliver a tension-relieving full-body massage – with or without a happy ending. Pure bliss!

Vibrators for internal stimulation

You can find vibrators designed for both vaginal and anal stimulation.

Classic vibrators typically feature a smooth, cylindrical shaft with a rounded head and are ideal for beginners. Realistic vibrators, on the other hand, resemble a penis with the added sensation of vibration. G-spot vibrators offer a curved shaft and bulbous head to target that uber-sensitive area inside the body.

Keep in mind that, if you’d like to use your vibrator anally, make sure that it has a flared base and/or sturdy handle. Otherwise, you might not be able to remove it.

Vibrators that provide both external and internal stimulation

Want it all in one toy? Rabbit vibrators are designed to provide both internal and external clitoral stimulation.

Yes! A couple’s sex toy can add a whole new dimension of pleasure to partnered play. Whether you’re looking to explore a new kink together or simply break out of your tried-and-true routine, a toy is the perfect way to shake things up.

As long as both individuals have enthusiastically consented, any toy can be used during partnered sex! To help get you started, here are some of the most popular choices.

Vibrators are an exhilarating addition to partnered play, especially for those that crave more stimulation than penetration alone. Couple’s vibrators come in a whole host of shapes and sizes, with the most popular suitable for a woman to wear so she gets clitoral and vaginal stimulation while he feels the buzz too. Everyone wins!

Couple’s rings
By restricting blood flow from the penis, cock rings offer harder, longer-lasting erections and heightened stimulation. To boost mutual pleasure, opt for a ring with added features, such as unique textures or vibrations.

Getting started with BDSM
BDSM (Bondage/Disciple Dominance/Submission Sadism/Masochism) might sound – and look – a little scary, but experimenting with power dynamics and new sensations can be extremely rewarding.

Just like with any sexual act, enthusiastic consent is absolutely critical. Never pressure anyone into any form of power play, and never push anyone beyond their pre-determined limits.

Safe, sane, and consensual – that’s the BDSM mantra. Stick closely to this, and you and your play partner are in for an incredible ride.

Do you want to be restrained? Or, do you want to be in control?

Most people that enjoy bondage and other related activities label themselves as submissive (sub) or dominant (dom). Some call themselves a switch, which means they can switch between the two roles.

You don’t have to decide which category you fall into right away – it’s fun to give both a try. Just remember to discuss these roles with your play partner and establish a safe word (when said, play will stop immediately) before the scene begins.

Beginner bondage
Incorporating light bondage into your sex life can be revolutionary. Restricting movement or sight can enhance sensation in other areas of the body. You might like to start with a blindfold or hand or ankle cuffs.

When you’re ready to take things a little further, use a paddle or crop, or even nipple stimulators, to inflict a whole range of tantalising – even delightfully painful – sensations. Whips and floggers are more intense, so they may not be suitable for all beginners.

Don’t underestimate the importance of aftercare

You and your partner have just spent the last two hours playing. There’s been bondage, sensation play, and a whole lot of power imbalance. Now, you might be experiencing a comedown. It’s totally normal to feel a little sensitive in the minutes, even hours, following an intense session.

To combat this, be sure to discuss aftercare before play begins. This might involve gentle cuddling, one partner preparing a snack and drink for the other, watching an episode of your favourite show together, or even being showered by your partner.

Find your perfect sex toy today
Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the types of sex toys available and whether or not they are suitable for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We are always available to help.

The terms ‘dildo’ and ‘dong’ are sometimes used interchangeably but they are actually different types of sex toys.

The main difference is that a dildo has a distinct base, but a dong does not. The base can resemble testicles or be flared so the dildo can be mounted to a surface or attached to other sex toys, such as a harness or sex machine.

Strictly speaking, neither dildos nor dongs vibrate. Those that do can also be considered vibrators.

Vibrators contain an electric or battery powered motor that produces vibrations.

When the power is turned, the motor wobbles as it spins to create vibrations you can deliver to various parts of the body for soothing massage or erotic pleasure.

The vibrations can be high-powered or low-powered, buzzy or rumbly, with each combination of options delivering different sensations.

Generally, battery powered vibrators are less powerful than electric powered vibrators. Electric powered vibrators tend to have stronger motors which use more power.

While you don't have to worry about any batteries running out with electric powered vibrators, they do have to be plugged in.

By contrast, battery powered vibrators are more practical for travel and use in different scenarios. Some models even use batteries that are rechargeable via USB cable or otherwise for added convenience. 

Vibrators come in different styles because people like to use them in different ways.
For example, a clitoral vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris, a very sensitive area above and outside the vagina. Meanwhile, a g-spot vibrator is ideal for targeting the g-spot, a sensitive area about 2.5 to three inches inside the vagina towards the belly button.
Some vibrators even combine two or more different styles. For example, rabbit vibrators are designed to encourage blended (external and internal) orgasms with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft.
When choosing a vibrator, go for a style that delivers the type of stimulation that will bring you the most pleasure, whether it's external, vaginal, anal or a combination.

As with most electronic devices, you get what you pay for when it comes to vibrators.

Depending on a vibrator's quality, and how you use and care for it, a vibrator can last anywhere from months to years. Many come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Vibrators featuring high quality materials and components that have been used and cared for as directed by the manufacturer tend to last longer so it's worth spending a little extra to get the best device you can afford.

The main difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms is that the former is achieved externally whereas the latter involves penetration.

Clitoral orgasms are achieved by stimulating the clitoris, a small organ with nerve endings at the top of the vulva. These orgasms are often experienced as a tingly sensation on the skin and can usually be created by rubbing the clitoris with the fingers, palm or tongue using back and forth or circular movements.

Vaginal orgasms occur deeper in the body than clitoral orgasms and can take longer to achieve. They can be felt by the partner or against the sex toy penetrating the vagina because the vaginal walls pulse. To achieve vaginal orgasms, try using fingers or a toy to stimulate the g-spot: make a 'come hither' motion about 2.5 to three inches inside the vagina towards the belly button instead of thrusting in and out. 

Yes! In women, anal orgasms happen through indirect stimulation of the g-spot and the a-spot, which is further down through the shared wall between the vagina and rectum.

In men, anal orgasms occur through stimulation of the prostate gland or 'p-spot'. It's about three to four inches from the start of the anal canal, behind and above the deepest part of the penis and right under the bladder.

Vibrators stimulate sensitive anal nerve endings, creating intense pleasure in both men and women.

If you're intending to use a vibrator anally, ensure it is designed for this purpose, featuring a flared base, secure handle or retrieval ring to prevent it from getting sucked inside you. Insert your toy when your anal muscles are relaxed, using plenty of compatible lubricant.

Absolutely! Using a vibrator during sexual intercourse can increase intimacy, mutual pleasure and the likelihood of orgasm, especially for those who require more stimulation than penetration alone.

There are many types of vibrators that can be used during intercourse and in countless ways.

Bullets and wearable finger vibrators are ideal for delivering clitoral stimulation, as are vibrating cock rings. Also a type of couple's rings, vibrating cock rings have the added advantages of being hands-free and creating harder, longer lasting erections by restricting blood flow to the penis.

There are even vibrators designed specifically for women to wear during intercourse. The most popular styles have a U-shape, with one end inserted into the vagina and the other placed over the clitoris. This clever design can deliver hands-free clitoral and, in some cases, g-spot stimulation too.

It is generally considered safe to use a vibrator during pregnancy. If your doctor has given you the green light for sexual intercourse, then it's likely that you can use a vibrator.

For individual medical advice, consult an appropriate health professional.

For product advice, please contact our friendly customer service team via email, phone or live chat. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

That depends on several factors.

If your vibrator is made from porous materials (such as jelly rubber or TPR/TPE plastic), it can trap hard-to-remove dirt or bacteria. If a porous vibrator is used by someone with a bacterial, yeast or sexually transmitted infection, the outbreak can spread to another user or re-contaminate the original person. Placing a new condom on the vibrator each time it is used can offer limited protection.

If you're sharing a vibrator made from non-porous materials (such as high quality silicone), you can also use it with a fresh condom for safety. Alternatively, clean it with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. This will help you avoid transferring bacteria from one partner to the other. 

The best place to store a vibrator is in a safe, cool, dry and dark place.

For dust protection, place your sex toy in a fabric pouch, closed box or drawer.

Before storing your vibrator, clean according to the manufacturer's directions. This generally involves rinsing it with warm water and mild soap or applying a sex toy cleaner. Let your vibrator dry naturally or gently pat with a lint-free cloth, ensuring it is completely dry before storing.

Some new sex toys can have an unusual smell because of the materials used to make it.

This does not necessarily mean that your toy is unsafe and it is likely to lessen over time. To help reduce the any smell, rinse your toy with warm water and mild soap or apply a sex toy cleaner. Let your toy dry naturally or pat with a lint-free cloth before use or storage.

Your first sex toy should be one you are comfortable with. It should look and feel good to you, and be designed to deliver the type of stimulation you are seeking.

The most popular sex toys for first-time users are simple vibrators, such as bullets for external stimulation or insertable, classic vibrators, while those seeking non-vibrating options tend to go for dongs or dildos.

Generally, beginners are recommended to start with small, easy to handle toys with basic features and progress to larger sizes and more complex functions.

Keep your early sex toy adventures simple.

Love your sex toy and it will love you back
 To help you have the most fun with your sex toy, we recommend following these 10 simple care guidelines:

1. Clean it

Clean your sex toy before and after use according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves washing it with warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner.

2. Respect the power source

If your sex toy is rechargeable, fully charge it before first use. Do not use the toy while it is charging. If your sex toy is battery-operated, use good quality batteries and remove them when your toy is not in use.

3. Choose toy-compatible lubricant

Ensure lubricant used with your sex toy is compatible with its material. Water-based lubricant is generally the safest option. Avoid silicone-based lubricant with silicone sex toys because it can damage the material.

4. Use as intended

Only use your sex toy as intended by the manufacturer. This means only transferring the same toy from vagina to anus or anus to vagina if it is designed for that purpose. Thoroughly clean your toy before it penetrates a different entry.

5. Don’t force it

Never use your sex toy on areas that are sore, inflamed, swollen, cut or injured, or with an unwilling partner. Stop using your sex toy if you or your partner experience pain, discomfort or other concerns.

6. Take your time

Use your sex toy at your own pace, experiencing different sensations and intensities when you and any partner are ready.

7. Practise water safety

If your sex toy is not waterproof, never submerge it in water or use it in the shower, bath, pool or spa. If your toy is battery-operated, ensure no water gets in the battery compartment.

8. Store appropriately

Ensure your sex toy is completely dry before storing it in a safe, cool, dark place. Sex toys made from jelly rubber, realistic feel materials, TPE, TPR, latex or PVC should be stored without touching any other toys to prevent damage to the materials or colour transfer.

9. Perform maintenance

Regularly check your sex toy for signs of wear and replace as necessary.

10. Have fun!

Using sex toys is meant to be fun. Choose toys that you and any partner are comfortable with as you take your journey from beginner to advanced sex toy play.  

We all want to keep our sex toys clean and it’s easier than you might think.

To clean your vibrator, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions as different methods may be required depending on its construction and features.

Generally, it’s good practice to clean your vibrator before and after use by rinsing with warm water and mild soap or applying a sex toy cleaner. Don’t submerge your sex toy in water if it’s not waterproof.

Let your vibrator air dry or gently pat with a lint-free cloth. Ensure your vibrator is completely dry before storing.

If your vibrator is made from TPR/TPE or real-feel materials, finish by dusting with toy refresher powder.

No one wants their favourite sex toy to wear out faster than it should.

To maintain your vibrator, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions as different practices may be required depending on its construction and features.

Generally, however, you can maintain your vibrator by cleaning it regularly, using it only for its intended purpose and storing it somewhere safe, cool, dry and dark. For dust protection, place your sex toy in a fabric pouch, drawer or storage case.

If your vibrator is made from TPR/TPE or real-feel materials, sprinkle over some toy refresher powder when clean and dry.

Use the travel-lock on your vibrator if available to prevent it from accidentally turning on and remaining at speed, which could affect the motor. If your vibrator does not have this feature and is battery powered, remove the batteries but store them with your sex toy for easy access later.

We all want to get the most out of our favourite sex toys.

You can extend the life of your vibrator by following the manufacturer’s use and care guidelines.

Vibrators should generally be cleaned before and after use by rinsing with warm water and mild soap or applying a sex toy cleaner. Do not submerge your sex toy in water if it is not waterproof.

Let your vibrator dry naturally or gently pat with a lint-free cloth. Make sure your sex toy is completely dry before storing.

If your vibrator is made from TPR/TPE or real-feel materials, dust with toy refresher powder after it is clean and dry.

Ensure any lubricant used with your vibrator is compatible with its material. Silicone-based lubes can damage some sex toy materials, but water-based options are safe to use with most.

Regularly check your vibrator for damage, such as cracks, splinters, rips and chips, and ensure the power supply – battery or cable – is in good working order. Make any necessary replacements or send the vibrator into retirement.

If you have problems with your vibrator, contact the place of purchase or manufacturer for support. In addition to your consumer rights, some vibrators come with warranties and guarantees and you may be able to complete a claim.

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