Scandal Pony Play Kit

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CalExotics Scandal Pony Play Kit is the ideal bondage sex toy kit for any couple looking to indulge adventurous fetish sex. Surrender to your lovers every whim as they lead you towards a wonderland of pleasure as they tie the comfortable gag around you and pull tight on the reins.

The luxurious bite bar delivers primal power play to your bedroom and with every stifled moan, you and your partner will intensify arousal and elevate pleasure. The perfect fetish sex toy for your pony play fantasy is the lustful life-like ponytail probe, a flexible tapered anal toy that delivers thrilling anal sex stimulation with every swing of your tail.

  • Ponytail Smooth Anal Plug (Black) with groomable hair 
  • 3″ / 7 cm (Probe)
  • 21″ / 53 cm (Tail)
  • Bit-style Gag with designer red/black ties
  • 53″ / 130 cm (Gag)
  • Reins with long length
  • 31″ / 75 cm (Reins)
  • Reins with long length